Jeffrey Yuen style teaching is unique in the incredible depths it explores the human condition and in how disease is viewed within an integrative framework of a person’s constitution, environment, purpose and spirit. Due to the incredible depth and rigor of his teachings, those that study extensively with him tend to take mastery of Chinese medicine as a serious and lifelong pursuit.

As Jeffrey has thousands of students often looking to refer friends and family to others of a similar mindset, we have created this database of students to help facilitate finding such practitioners. There are inherent difficulties in providing too little or too much information, so we are doing our best. This database is self reported for now and so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of self-reporting. We may add a validation level in the future. For now, it is a first attempt at creating a workable database to find those that have studied extensively with Jeffrey.

This is a 100% volunteer run organization. We welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement.